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Candle Maker + Order Fulfillment Specialist

The Mayan Collective is a high-energy, startup experiencing rapid growth...and we want to grow even faster!

We have an opening for a Candle Maker/Order Fulfillment Specialist for our store who will work with our other team members and store owner as a team to help our customers to make candles and give them a great candle pouring experience as well as educating them on our products. Also, help with fulfilling online orders and candle making.

We're looking for someone who wants to join a cause driven company and play a key role in the success of team...the job perks include

fun, working independently, laughter during stressful moments, and of course you get a candle refill every month plus 30% off on our products.


The Candle Maker + Order Fulfillment Specialist is an integral part of our business.  He or she will greet our customers when they walk through the door, Ring up sales and arrange for delivery or pick-up of the customer’s order if needed, invite customers to be follow our social media, inform customers of any extra charges if necessary,

invite the customer to join a loyalty program, assist in maintaining inventory and set up merchandise displays on the sales floor, collaborate with fellow team members to keep the sales floor area clean and organized at all times (especially the candle making area), organize jars, restock trays for candle making, clean trays that are use for candle making,  help customers making candles, educate our customers on candle making, water outdoor plants, open and close shop, help inventory.

Why would you want this job?

  • Autonomy, within a defined structure. You know what’s expected and then you’re given the freedom to be effective.

  • A cool team that loves helping out and getting involved when they’re needed.

  • You’re wired for growth and love the idea of being part of a fast growing company.

  • We love to give! We have a very beautiful cause and you'd love to be part of it.

  • You're willing to enjoy candle making parties with our customers.

  • If you're a candle lover just like we are... you're in the right place.

How you'll know you're killing it:

  • You’re able to stay on top of your tasks and stay one step ahead of the to do list.

  • You take advantage of slow times at the store and be proactive.

  • You are a forward thinker and consistently find ways to streamline efficiencies.

  • You solve problems and offer solutions without being asked.

What you need to have/be:

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Thorough understanding of our products

  • Strong presentation and story telling skills (since we teach our customers how to make candles).

  • Able to receive feedback (both good and bad) and act on it to improve.

  • You’re a born GO GETTER – always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up, and make the world a better place.

  • Adaptability- You are able to be fluid and flexible in fast or slow paced work environment and do not shut down when there is additional stress.

  • Time management skills - You are always on time (or early) and you know how to protect others' time so they are able to focus on their most important tasks. Our shop runs on appointments it's important to stay on track.

  • Humility and Service.

….and it would be great if you had:

  • Experience working retail.

  • Love for candles.

  • Writing skills.

  • Social Media abilities

On a warm-n-fuzzy note, we'd love you to:

  • Be the forever optimist and someone the team can rely on.

  • Be kind yet direct in your communication style

  • Be incredibly detail-oriented.

  • LOVE learning new things.

  • Just ‘figure things out’ without too much guidance.

  • Be a confident decision maker.

  • Stay one step ahead, proactively making adjustments to ensure success.

  • Adaptable and have no qualms about how quickly things change around here.

  • A roll-up-the-sleeves, help-wherever-whenever-you-can type.

  • Have an independent, undaunted, must-do attitude. You know what needs to get done, and nothing's going to stop you.

  • Be professional, polished + mature with no drama.

  • Be good with customers.

Few things we things we value at
The Mayan Collective

  • An open culture, we share our wins and your input is truly valued.

  • Honesty.

  • Hard work + lots of laughter + of course candles.

  • Work-life “blend.” We know you have a life outside work — and at The Mayan Collective, you can also have a life inside work. All your talents (not just the ones written in a job description.) we want you to bring your whole personality to your role.

The nitty gritty:

  • You’ll need to bring your A-game to work each day.

  • Being able to cover someone's else shift once in a while.

  • Available to work every Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

One more thing...

  • No Experience Necessary on candle making. We will fully train you.

  • This position compensation is based on retail experience.

  • Be available to drive either to SLO Ranch once in while to cover some shifts at our new location.

  • Be able to drop off packages at post office (it’s 2 mins away from our AG store).

  • If this sounds like you, then we need to talk.

Application Instructions:

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