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Candle Pouring 

Experience the joy of creating a unique candle every month with our candle membership! Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in your passion for candles.

Candle Refill Subscription

Looking for a sustainable and creative way to reuse your empty jars? Look no further than our monthly candle bar! Bring in your clean, empty jars from The Mayan Collective and create a new and unique candle each time you visit. Our approach to candle-making is both eco-friendly and fun, and it allows you to keep your home smelling great while reducing waste. 


Candle Making Subscription

With our candle-making subscription, you'll have access to our candle bar once a month at a discounted price and receive a new vessel every time. Join now and enjoy your candle-making experience!


Candle Refill Pouch Subscription

Don't have time to visit the candle bar every month? Don't worry, our Candle Refill Pouch service has got you covered. Choose a new scent every month or stick with your favorite - refill your jar at home with ease!


Candle Subscription

Looking for a way to enjoy clean candles even when you're out of town? Our monthly subscription service might just be what you're looking for! Every month, you'll a mystery candle with a seasonal scent that's sure to delight. Sign up now to start enjoying the best in clean, eco-friendly candles!

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